Joikusport premium turns your Nokia mobile phone into a secure Wife hotsport. connect your laptop, tablate, or other wife device to internet using your phone as a 3G,2G,4G wife hotsport. secure your wife hotsport with a password IP address, name and enjoy fully internet service on your phone hotsport. Connect multiple wife device in parallel. Get fully control on who gets to join your hotsport and access internet via your phone 3G or 4G.

tJoikusport premium Edition, your get rid of the first web landing page and can secure and set password to your Joikusport connection, use all internet and email protocols and VPN, adjust all Joikusport sitting like the wife wlan network name and default operator access point. premium edition is also best in terms of connection quality and performance and reconnects you to 3G or 4G if your data connection.

Why We Using To Joikusport Hotsport

  • very simple to configure.
  • support web key protection.
  • facilitates VPN access point. 
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